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Upcoming Events

If you would like to speak or sponsor our next conference, we would be glad to answer any questions you have here.

Who Are We

TEDxMontaVista is a student club at Monta Vista High School. We host regular member meetings that immerse our members in TED and organize several conferences every year. Our members can also interact with one another at club-organized socials.

Our Team
What We Do

Our main event of the year is the annual TEDx conference—a gathering of inspiring speakers and ideas. Look below for some of our past brilliant speakers.

Last spring, we held our second conference with the theme Breaking Barriers. Our curated talks surrounded the common theme of breaking down traditional barriers in ways of thinking and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We had the pleasure of hosting four incredible speakers; you may view their talks on the 2016 Conference Archive.

Two years ago, we held our first conference with the theme Initiating Initiation. This theme was centered around the spirit of new ideas, whether it be humanities, science, or the arts. We had the pleasure of hosting five talented speakers; you may view their talks on the 2015 Conference Archive.